The Expanding Expression Tool (EET) Kit is designed to be used by teachers, literacy coaches, reading specialists, parents, speech-language pathologists and other specialists to support academics.

Language arts is essential for academic success. It is at the heart of each curriculum area. Without oral language, students may have difficulty organizing information while speaking, writing, or pulling valuable information from their reading material. They may have trouble defining or describing vocabulary or objects. The EET was designed to make things easier for all students. It provides structure for the struggling students and enhances the skills of those students and enhances the skills of those students already strong in the language arts area.

The EET provides students with a hands-on approach to describing and defining. As a mnemonic device, it provides visual and tactile information which facilitates improved language organization. The kit itself is designed to allow you to follow a hierarchical approach taking student's expression from words to paragraphs to reports. Therefore, it can be used by a variety of ages.

The kit consists of the EET, a manual, stickers for written expression, object cards for describing activities and a poster.

The EET is color symbol coded. Students learn the code and from this code are able to provide detailed descriptions including the following elements: the category the item belongs to, the function of the object, the appearance, what the item is made of, the parts of the item, and it's location.

This EET has been classroom tested in both regular and special education classes.