The Expanding Expressions Tool

What makes Expanding Expression unique?

We use a simple mulitsensory approach that guarantees quick results. This tool can be used for general descriptions, writing from prior knowledge, autobiographies/biographies, summarizing and more.
The Expanding Expression Tool (EET) helps to build the following language skills:

  • Oral expression
  • Written expression
  • Vocabulary comprehension
  • Defining and describing
  • Making associations
  • Stating functions of objects
  • Categorization
  • Similarities and differences
  • Students quickly learn each symbol and consistently describe and define objects and items providing 6-7 details in an organized manner.
  • Entire schools have adopted the program to facilitate improved expression and comprehension. It is being used with students in preschool through high school in both general and special education classrooms.
  • It allows students to quickly progress from word to phrase to paragraph to multi-paragraph levels.

Expanding Expression Tool - Second Edition Includes:

  • Expanding Expression Tool
  • Expanding Expression manual
  • Object cards for describing
  • Stickers for writing
  • Classroom poster
  • Dice game
  • Instructional icons
  • Writing from prior knowledge, biographies/autobiographies, retelling, and lesson plan prompt cards.

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