Using the EET

Training Opportunities

Two options are available for this training:

Option 1: Includes a full day training, but does not include any EET kits. Cost: $6,000. Contact: for details)

Option 2: Includes a full day training and each participant receives an EET kit. Cost: $290 per person and includes kit (min. of 50 people for option 2; does not include travel expenses).

Option 3: Small Group Online Intro Training: 1.5-2 hour EET introduction for small groups (1-12 participants). $500 total. Contact to schedule.

EET FOLLOW-UP COURSE/SCHOOL CONSULTATION This training is recommend for schools/organizations that have completed the introductory EET training (above). Participants review materials, ask questions, share successes, develop lessons and learn additional uses for the EET. Cost: $6,000.

The Idea...

During my first year as a speech and language pathologist I had many students who had a hard time expressing themselves. Even to talk about common vocabulary or objects was a challenge. One night I went home and put together a Expanding Expression Tool (EET) to show kids all the things they could include when describing. Using the EET my students started providing 7-8 details about whatever they described. They then used it to write reports. All the students using the EET (students in the gifted and talented, general education, and special education classrooms) made remarkable gains that were almost immediate. When our principal saw the results with the EET, she indicated she wanted all of our teachers using it. I have much gratitude to her and to the many teachers who were the first to welcome the EET into their classrooms.

And Now...

I spend my days presenting across the country and parenting two wonderful children. The EET is in use nationwide and also in use in several other countries. Although I miss having my own students, I am blessed to be able to work with students when modeling lessons. I am also enjoying the success stories and student samples sent to me by teachers. Thank you to the schools and districts who have adopted the EET into their classrooms. I wish your students much success and look forward to supporting you along the way!

Course Description...

The EET is a multi-sensory approach used to facilitate more detailed descriptions and definitions. The EET motivates students to clearly define vocabulary, write informational reports, use vibrant details and write from prior knowledge. As a mnemonic device it provides visual and tactile information for improved language organization. During the training, participants will be taught how to follow a hierarchical approach taking students’ expression from words to paragraphs to reports. The research basis, hands-on activities, samples from students and strategies/ideas for students are all part of this presentation.

Professional Development Outcomes

Participants will be able to…

  • Teach a multi-sensory approach for including more details in oral and written expression.
  • Explain how to collect baseline data and monitor progress using the program.
  • Complete curriculum based lessons using the language tool.
  • Explain how to use strategies to target the following areas: vocabulary comprehension and expression, report writing, biographies and autobiographies, and more.