• The Kit

    What makes Expanding Expression unique?

    We use a simple mulitsensory approach that guarantees quick results. This tool can be used for general descriptions, writing from prior knowledge, autobiographies/biographies, summarizing and more.

    Simply put, our proven system works.

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  • Research

    Language arts is essential for academic success.

    It is at the heart of each curriculum area. Without oral language, students may have difficulty organizing information while speaking, writing, or pulling valuable information from their reading material. They may have trouble defining or describing vocabulary or objects.

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  • Training

    Maximize your success with professional training.

    During the training, participants will be taught how to follow a hierarchical approach taking students’ expression from words to paragraphs to reports. The research basis, hands-on activities, samples from students and strategies/ideas for students are all part of this presentation.

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What Makes Us Unique

The Idea

During my first year as a speech-language pathologist I noticed how difficult it was for kids to express themselves. Even to talk about common vocabulary or objects was a challenge. One night I went home and put together a tool that would show kids all the things they could include when describing. My students started providing 7-8 details about whatever I asked them to describe with the tools. I then used the tool to help my students write reports. I used it with students in the gifted and talented, general education, and special education classrooms. I noticed that all the students with whom I used it made remarkable gains that were almost immediate...

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